Ship Spares Supply

Ship Spares Supply

Vinni Marine Services excels in facilitating the acquisition of premium-quality used and unused shipboard equipment, leveraging its extensive presence in the demolition yards of Alang, Bhavnagar (India). With precision and care, we procure spare parts from this location, subjecting them to rigorous inspections and certifications at our stockyards in Kandla and Mundra, before dispatching them to destinations worldwide.

Our offerings extend beyond specific requisites, encompassing a diverse array of high-caliber equipment. This includes bearing pairs, heat exchangers, fresh water generators, pumps, motors, anchors, chains, fire-fighting equipment, communication/navigation tools, deck machinery, and various cosmetic fittings.

Acknowledging the time-sensitive nature of spare parts delivery and its pivotal role in effective fleet management, Vinni Marine Services is dedicated to furnishing cost-effective and dependable solutions for our clients. Our team of technical experts stationed at the demolition yards brings extensive experience to the table, ensuring the meticulous selection and sourcing of the finest equipment in the industry.

Service Highlights

  • Anchors
  • Automation Equipment
  • Aux. Engine Spares
  • Bearing Pairs
  • Chains
  • Communication Devices
  • Communication Radios
  • Compressor & Spares
  • Deck Equipment & Spares
  • Deck Machinery
  • Electric & Electronic Equipment
  • Emergency Response Gear
  • Filtration Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hoses
  • Fresh Water Generators & Spares
  • Generators
  • GPS Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Hydraulics Equipment
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Life Boat Engine & Spares
  • Main Engine Spares
  • Motors
  • Navigational Equipment
  • Oil Purifier & Spares
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Propulsion Systems
  • Pumps and Spares
  • Radar Systems
  • Ship Horns
  • Turbocharger & Spares
  • Valves

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