Equipments & Accesssories

Equipments & Accesssories

Bullet Proof Vest, Helmets & Razor Wire for Anti-Privacy

In light of the heightened risk posed by sea pirates in the current situation, it is imperative to bolster the security measures onboard ships. With this consideration in mind, we have expanded our inventory of ISPS security products, ensuring their ready availability.

Product Highlights

  • Anti-Shatter Films
  • Bullet Proof Vest & Helmets
  • Dummies
  • Metal Detectors
  • Night-Vision Binoculars
  • Razor Wires
  • Security Batons

Pilot & Embarkation Ladder and Securing Magnets

We are proud to be a premier supplier of Pilot/Embarkation Ladders within India. Our range includes both Mechanically Clamped and Marline Tied Ladders, tailored to meet our customers' specific requirements. Additionally, we are the foremost provider of Pilot Ladder Securing Systems, commonly referred to as Yellow Magnets, Securing Magnets, or Magnetic Pads.

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